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The HPC Portal is now available for your use at to access Spirit and the Utility Server at the AFRL DSRC. The HPC Portal enables supercomputing and visualization capability from a web browser, and requires no user-installed software on the local workstation.

What capabilities does the HPC Portal provide?
The HPC Portal enables access to supercomputing with a web browser. No software installation is required to use the HPC Portal, only a browser with CAC or YubiKey authentication, which enables access from desktops which do not permit user-installed software. The HPC Portal provides file management, an X-terminal, Ensight, ParaView, Tecplot, FieldView, Pointwise, distributed MATLAB, a job status dashboard, and, for approved users, the CREATE analysis codes Kestrel, Helios, SENTRi, Capstone, and DaVinci, as well as the MATLAB IDE, among other applications.

How do I access the HPC Portal?
Browse to the site, where you'll be able to select a DSRC where you have an allocation (currently AFRL, MHPCC, and Navy are available via the HPC Portal). For convenience, all users of Spirit have been enabled for access to the HPC Portal without any additional requirements. At this site, you will authenticate via the HPCMP OpenID capability using your CAC or YubiKey. No downloaded software or Kerberos kit is required.

How do I get help?
Contact CCAC at > Help . The HPC Portal also provides tutorials, videos, and a community forum.

Where can I read more about the HPC Portal (including Browser Compatibility)?
The HPC Portal uses HTML5 and WebGL technology, available in the newest generation of browsers, to allow interactive visualization of large science and engineering datasets, Users with older browsers may also use the portal with some limitations on performance. Read more about the development of the HPC Portal at

What if I want to suggest a feature or develop an application for the HPC Portal?
The HPC Portal Team is interested in your thoughts and feedback, including any suggestions for new applications. You may submit feedback by contacting CCAC. The portal team has created a Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide developers the ability to enable applications for use in the HPC Portal. For more information, check the Support Forum at the HPC Portal.