Topic: Subproject Allocation
Date Received: July 10, 2006

QUESTION: IE has all this data, why are we duplicating the effort
REPLY FROM USER: "Don't force me to log into IE" "What's IE?"
SOLUTION/IMPLEMENTATION: Have a link at all sites that goes to IE, runs a script and provides all allocation usage and information, from the most recent IE upload.
REASON: One script, consistency, using data that is already available. Don't have all centers write a script, combine the effort, don't re-invent the wheel. Reduce costs.

BC Team Feedback
Reply Date:
July 27, 2006

IE does indeed have all of the subproject allocation and usage information and all of the S/AAA contact information needed to generate the notices. We are currently exploring the idea of having IE itself check balances and generate the e-mails instead of each center doing it separately. This issue will be discussed at the August 2006 meeting of the IE IPT. Even if approved, implementation of the new process could take many months, depending on the IE development schedule. In the interim, each center has been asked to develop its own notification mechanism.

The suggested procedure of having each center run a script to query IE is not possible. IE does not allow remote queries; one must first log in using their Kerberos principal and SecurID card.