Topic: Debuggers - TotalView
Date Received: June 27, 2006

Please explain further the statement that a commercial license is needed to use TotalView. How would we purchase and used the license at an MSRC site? Can TotalView only used as a command line debugger when running on an MSRC machine?

BC Team Feedback
Reply Date: July 26, 2006

TotalView is a commercial product. The HPCMP has a consolidated Software Initiative (CSI) which provides TotalView for use on Major Shared Resource Center (MSRC) and Allocated Distributed Center (ADC) systems. There is no charge to the end user.

TotalView can be used from a command line or with X Windows to access TotalView's Graphical User Interface (GUI) from an MSRC or ADC. End users with Linux or Unix Workstations will usually have X Windows already available. If the user is on a PC using Windows they can use the Cygwin X Windows client in conjunction with the HPCMP Kerberos kit.

Some systems at the centers have login nodes which are separate from the compute nodes used to execute jobs. In these cases the user may need to consult the Website or contact the specific center for any questions.