Topic: Extension of Modules to Support Heavily Used Applications
Date Received: July 2, 2008 and August 26-27, 2008

The request to extend BC policy FY06-17 (Use of Modules for Accessing Multiple Versions of Software) to support heavily used applications and COTS packages was brought to the attention of the BC team at the User Advocacy Group (UAG) Meeting in Arlington, Virginia, August 26-27, 2008, and also, by a user who sent the following request to the BC team:

Topic: Are modules going to be used to provide common access to COTS tools such as Matlab, Tecplot, Ensight, etc? Regardless of where the package is actually installed at each site, a simple "module load matlab" would be very valuable.

Centers: All

Comments: I highly recommend it if it's not already in the works!

Home HPCMP Center: ARL

Work Location: ARL

BC Team Feedback to UAG and DoD HPCMP User
Reply Date:
June 7, 2009

We are very pleased to inform UAG that the BC team has approved the release of a revised version of BC policy FY06-17 entitled "Use of Modules for Accessing Multiple Versions of Software." The revised version of the policy supports not only multiple versions of compilers and associated libraries, but also heavily used application software within the HPCMP including ABAQUS, Accelrys, ANSYS, CFD++, Cobalt, Ensight, Fluent, GASP, Gaussian, LS-DYNA, MATLAB and TotalView. The revised BC policy FY06-17 will be released on the BC Web site within 30-45 days.

We thank you for your valued input.