Open source utilities locate and slocate
Date Received:
August 26, 2008

Add Open Source utility "locate" to existing BC utilities, and maintain current "locate" database. "Locate" is a tool for finding files on a system. "locate icc" would respond with all file paths containing "icc." I think "locate" is part of GNU find tools.

BC Team Feedback
Reply Date:
June 9, 2009

The Baseline Configuration (BC) team members from the six DoD HPCMP DSRCs put together the following report on the open source utilities locate and slocate (secure version of locate):

  • The utility locate is available at four of the six centers;
  • The utility slocate is available at only one of six centers;
  • Databases associated with the utilities locate and slocate are not populated or maintained;
  • The utilities locate and slocate require high level of upkeep.

Based on the above findings, the BC team has decided not to support the utilities locate and slocate as common open source utilities at the six participating centers.

We thank you for your input, and look forward to future comments and suggestions that you may have to the BC team.