Topic: mpirun/Compilers/Profiling Tools/Queues/Documentation
Date Received: June 8, 2006

I may have missed them but a few suggested additions:

  • Common mpirun command syntax
  • Common compilers and profiling/performance tools
  • The queue submit directives should be made available to the job script especially the number of nodes/cpus
  • More online documentation for the available packages and programs
  • A common way to access the multiple versions - ie. foo_stable, foo_beta, foo_old, foo_newest

BC Team Feedback
Reply Date:
February 23, 2007

Common "mpirun" Command Syntax - There is no single mechanism for executing all MPI programs on all architectures. Each vendor provides its own command to execute a parallel program. Examples of program execution commands include poe, mpirun, mpiexec and others. These commands were selected after careful consideration by the MPI forum, and is beyond the control of the Baseline Configuration initiative.

Common Compilers and Profiling/Performance Tools - The BC Team has recommended to HPCMP's Collective Acquisition Team (CAT) to include a request for a "common set of compilers across common architecture computers" in all future Technology Insertions (TIs). Also, the BC Team is establishing a new policy entitled Common Performance and Profiling Tools (FY07-02) and a BC policy entitled Common Set of Open Source Compilers (FY07-03) covering all GNU compilers (g77, g95, gcc and g++) and other potential compilers. In parallel, the BC Team will insure that the existing policy on Common Set of Environment Variables (FY05-04) will be revised to include new environment variables that will establish paths to the core set of open source compilers in policy FY07-03.

For more details on subsequent work done by the BC Team on common set of compilers, and new feedback received from users, please click on the link additional information.

Queue Submit Directives - The BC Team is unclear with this request from you. Please kindly elaborate on how you would like to see queue submit directives, such as the number of nodes and cpus, be made available to a job script.

More Online Documentation for Available Packages and Programs - A BC policy on Common Web Documentation (FY06-07) is being worked on. A draft version is complete. The key intent of this BC policy is to help users with all pertinent HPC-related information. The BC Team will make sure that the online documentation on packages and programs will be covered thoroughly.

Common Way to Access Multiple Versions - A BC policy on Use of Modules for Accessing Multiple Versions of Software (FY06-17) is being worked on. In addition to FY06-17, the BC Team has already established a policy on Multiple-Version Software (FY05-01) recommending three versions of all third party and open source software at all HPCMP participating sites.

For clarification received from the user on the topic "Queue Submit Directives," and BC team's response to the input, please click on the link User Clarification/BC Team Feedback.