Topic: Revision Control (CVS or Subversion)
Date Received: February 16, 2007

Centers: Any
Comments: I was wondering, is there a common standard among all HPCMP centers in regards to keeping revisions of code? This has become increasingly important, as different versions of code become scattered across different home directories, as well as finding the newest revisions of code. I think CVS can be compiled to work with Kerberos for security purposes as well.

BC Team Feedback
Reply Date:
April 20, 2007

The BC Team has already included the GNU utility CVS in BC policy FY06-19 (Common Set of Open Source Utilities) to provide the user community a common version control system for managing source files and documents. For more information on other BC supported GNU utilities, please refer to BC policy FY06-19 using the "Compliance Matrix" link on the BC Web site. If there is anything else the BC Team can do to help standardize version control among the participating sites, please let us know.