Topic: Tripos Sybyl
Date Received: September 15, 2009

I have used Tripos Sybyl software in the past and it was way better for protein modeling and analysis than Insight II or DS. The Insight II is frankly out of date and you should think about putting Sybyl on your computers. In future, I am planning to have jobs ported from my PC to your computer cluster for long computations. Running the setup interactively is a nightmare due to the slow and unreliable network connections. Can we arrange for such a setup?

Another problem is the software use on the cluster and charges associated with it. I would like to buy my own copy and run it on the cluster knowing that only I can use it. You doing it in a multiuser mode would be better but I am not sure if there is enough money to cover the licenses (5-10 minimum). Running one license at the time for many users misses the point.

BC Team Feedback
Reply Date:
September 24, 2009

Thank you kindly for your input to the Baseline Configuration (BC) team. Recently, the HPCMP established a Software Management Oversight Committee (SMOC) to oversee software configuration across the entire Modernization Program. Mr. Jeff Graham, Technical Director of AFRL DSRC is the lead of the HPCMP SMOC initiative. Your request to install the protein modeling and analysis software Tripos Sybyl on the HPCMP DSRC resources appears to be a SMOC referral and not a BC task. The BC team's main objective is to define a common set of capabilities and functions across the program.

We have forwarded your request to Mr. Graham. For future reference, Mr. Graham's e-mail address is We wish you all the success in getting Tripos Sybyl installed on the HPCMP DSRC resources to help you solve your computational problems more efficiently and effectively on the HPCMP HPC resources.