Allocation Expiration Notice

BC Project: FY06-06
Date of Policy: 26 Jan 2006
Last Updated: 23 Mar 2012

Each participating center will develop an automated process for notifying Service/Agency Approval Authorities (S/AAAs) and Principal Investigators (PIs) when the allocation of a subproject for which they are responsible will soon be or has been consumed. These notifications allow the S/AAAs and/or PIs to request additional hours in a timely manner.

On a daily basis, each center will monitor consumption of subproject hours allocated to its HPC systems. If the remaining hours for any subproject drops below 10% of its total, the center will send an e-mail message indicating this status to the subproject's S/AAA, the alternate S/AAA (if defined), and the PI. If a subproject's remaining allocation reaches 0% (i.e. it has been entirely consumed), then the center will send a second e-mail message indicating that status. In both cases, the center will send only one message to prevent the recipients from becoming overwhelmed with such notifications.

If the subproject later receives additional allocation following one or both notices, the notification status will be cleared. This will allow the designated persons to once again be notified should the subproject drop below the new 10% or 0% thresholds.

The requirements of this policy are currently being met by an automated pIE process.