SLB Quick Reference

Shared License Buffer Quick Reference

To use Abaqus, ACFD, Gasp, LS-Dyna, or STAR-CCM+, users must acquire a license reservation. License reservations have specific beginning and ending times, are for a certain number of application licenses, and may include licensed features as well. Users may access the new SLB to make license reservations three ways: PBS, Advance Reservation Service (ARS), and interactively.


Designate the needed licenses in the job script using the -l option. "N" is the number of licenses needed.

Application PBS Sample Request Shortcut
Abaqus * #PBS -l abaqus=N
Ansys CFD
(formerly Fluent)
#PBS -l acfd_solver=1,
#PBS -l anshpc=N,
#PBS -l anshpc_pack=N
#PBS -l cfd_solve_level1=1
#PBS -l ansys=1
Gasp #PBS -l gasp=1
LS-DYNA #PBS -l mppdyna=64
#PBS -l lsdyna=2
Matlab #PBS -l matlab=1,
-l matlab=N
(where N>1)
Star-CCM+ #PBS -l ccmppower=1 -l starccm=1

* Abaqus users can run: -ncp N and select the number of licenses based on P. P values are:

P Values = Functionality
3 Foundation
4 Foundation & Design or
Foundation & Direct
Coupling Interface
5 Standard
6 Aqua


Licenses should be reserved when you reserve CPUs on the ARS website (


Run SLB utility scripts on any HPC system to make a license reservation, terminate a reservation, display reservations, or query the SLB about license availability. Run " -help" to see syntax options for time window specification; default is starting "now" and lasting 4 hours. .app <app> --nlic <N> [time window] [--feats <features>]

Command Name Function Make a license reservation Terminate a license reservation Display licenses currently

Shared License Buffer Quick Reference (Cont.)

Command Name Function Display all license
reservations Display ARS license
reservations Display PBS license
reservations Display interactive license
reservations Display licensed features Display reservable
features Query number of licenses
available in time window Query number of licenses
available at time "t" Query a reservation Query when N licenses
will be available Compute number of
Abaqus licenses needed

Reservable, Licensed Features

The main applications licenses and licensed features currently controlled by the SLB are:

Application Main License Feature
Abaqus abaqus
ACFD cfd_solve_level1 anshpc
Gasp gasp
LS-DYNA lsdyna mppdyna
Star-CCM+ ccmppower

Requestable, Licensed Features

The following licensed features may be requested in PBS jobs if the user wants PBS to hold the job until the features are available. These features are not reservable through the SLB, so their availability is not guaranteed.

ABAQUS: cae, design, aqua

MATLAB: Communication_Blocks, Communication_Toolbox, Compiler, Control_Toolbox, Curve_Fitting_Toolbox, Distrib_Computing_Toolbox, Fixed-Point_Blocks, Fixed_Point_Toolbox, GADS_Toolbox, Identification_Toolbox, Image_Toolbox, MATLAB_Coder, MATLAB_Report_Gen, Neural_Network_Toolbox, Optimization_Toolbox, PDE_Toolbox, Real-Time_Workshop, SIMULINK, SIMULINK_Report_Gen, Signal_Blocks, Signal_Toolbox, Simulink_Control_Design, Simulink_Design_Optim, Statistics_Toolbox, Symbolic_Toolbox, Wavelet_Toolbox

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