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Gaffney Scheduled Maintenance

NAVY DSRC : System Maintenance

2021 Feb 23 08:00 - 14:00 CT (Completed)

The Navy DSRC will be conducting a Preventative Maintenance (PM) for the Unclassified network as well as the HPE 8600 HPC system, Gaffney, on Tuesday, 23 February 2021, from 0800 CT (1400Z) to 2000 CT (0200Z).

The outage would be a 12 hour window with 6 hours of projected time.

  • The Navy DSRC is going through a major technology refresh of our Core and Edge Networking switch infrastructure. Phase 1 of the requested outage (6 hours) is for removing the old cores, configuring and integrating the new cores in all Navy DSRC facilities. Phase 2 of the outage is for 6 hours to upgrade remaining edge switches and moving all switch uplinks and server connections to the new cores in all Navy DSRC facilities. This is the main activity during this maintenance window. Network connectivity will be intermittent during this window, but if you do get connectivity, just be prepared to have it potentially interrupted as they roll through upgrading switches at each of our data centers. This will affect access to Koehr, Gaffney, CWFS and Mass Storage on the Unclassified side.
  • Gaffney will be down for maintenance, but only for a 6 hour period to allow an HPE vendor (Nortek) to perform maintenance on the CDUs (Cooling Distribution Units) supporting the Cluster. Gaffney will return to normal operations at 1400 CT (2000Z).