Advanced User Support (PET)

The High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) User Productivity Enhancement and Training (PET) program gives users access to computational experts with experience spanning many HPC technology areas. These PhD HPC application experts are available to help HPC users become more productive using HPCMP supercomputers. The PET initiative also leverages the expertise of academia and industry experts to leverage new technologies and provides training on HPC-related topics. Help in specific computational technology areas is available providing a wide range of expertise including algorithm development and implementation, code porting and development, performance analysis, application and I/O optimization, accelerator programming, preprocessing and grid generation, workflows, in-situ visualization, and data analytics.

There are three modes of support depending on the type, duration, and level of user support required:

  • Mission Projects (MPs): Concentrated efforts involving teams of PET support staff working with HPCMP customers and staff to solve mission-critical problems in defined areas. To request the Mission Project Application send an email to
  • Special Projects (SPs): Concentrated efforts involving teams of PET support staff separately funded, for project/user specific challenges. For questions regarding requesting an MP or SP, contact
  • Training: Training the HPC community in applicable tools and technologies using the latest collaboration, distance learning, and training technologies. For questions regarding HPC Training, contact

To obtain assistance: Contact the HPC Helpdesk or email your request to When requesting help, please consider the following questions:

  1. What do you want to accomplish with the help of expert staff? Have you already done any work in this area?
  2. Which pIE project does this support?
  3. What would be the impact of a successful collaboration on your research?
  4. Which member(s) of your team would collaborate with the advanced HPC application experts? It is important that members of your team work closely with staff experts, so that you fully understand what has been done and are ready to take over when the PET staff support ends.
  5. Have you worked with our scientists before? Information about this would help us to better understand and address your current needs. PET scientists are a limited resource shared by all users, so it is important that as many research teams and communities as possible benefit from it.

To learn more about PET user support, click on the links on the left or review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).