Special Projects

User Productivity Enhancement and Training (PET) Special Projects enable the High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) to engage academic and industrial partners to solve HPCMP and DoD mission-related problems. Special Projects are defined as activities beyond the baseline support PET mission when important High-Performance Computing (HPC) needs cannot be met with existing staff and resources. These projects can cover advanced complexity or higher-risk problems that are within the scope of the PET contract.

Special Projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Application of HPC to critical DoD needs supporting an urgent operational requirement
  • Addressing an especially challenging technical issue with HPC methods
  • Working with a specific HPC code or problem that has significant impact on the DoD. As an example, recent Special Project titles include:
    • "Multi-Fidelity Fluid-Thermal-Structural Interaction Computation in Extreme Environments"
    • "FDTD Seismic and Acoustic Code Performance Improvements"
    • "Automated Tool Support for Scientific Software Verification and Validation"

Special Projects are usually one to 12 months in duration, and can be initiated at any time through a formal request to HPCMP Government leadership. This type of project is funded by the user’s organization or agency assuming the costs associated with supporting the effort.