Special Projects

PET Special Projects are activities beyond the scope of Mission Projects when important HPC needs cannot be met with existing staff and resources. Special Projects are usually one or more years in duration and can be initiated at any time. They can cover advanced complexity or higher-risk problems that are within the scope of the PET contract. They are typically funded by a third party or agency. Special Projects can leverage the current PET support team or engage new partners and institutions as necessary to solve these problems. Special Projects may include:

  • Application of high performance computing (HPC) to critical Department of Defense (DoD) needs supporting an urgent operational requirement
  • Addressing an especially challenging technical issue with HPC methods
  • Working with a specific HPC code or problem that has significant impact on the DoD. Some recent Special Project titles include: "Multi-Fidelity Fluid-Thermal-Structural Interaction Computation in Extreme Environments", "FDTD Seismic and Acoustic Code Performance Improvements", and "Automated Tool Support for Scientific Software Verification and Validation".

The user's organization or another source normally assumes the costs for Special Project support.