HPC Training System

New user training modules, recent HPC seminar recordings, training event recordings, and registration for in-person training events are available at the HPC Training system (https://training.hpc.mil). All active HPCMP (non-ORS) users have access to this site.

The following categories cover some of the training available:

Online HPC Seminars

The HPC Seminars are short (approximately one hour) webinars on various subjects of interest to HPC users. Directions for accessing HPC Seminars and the schedule of upcoming seminars is posted on the HPC Training system.

Date & Time Title
Nov. 13, 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET HPCMP New Account Orientation (Webcast Only)

Live Event Webcast:

Check your computer and network for compatibility with the HPC Web conferencing services.

Zoom Meeting

Zoom meetings are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computer operating systems, mobile iOS, and Android, as well as traditional H.323/SIP video conferencing systems. Test your Zoom connectivity by navigating to https://zoom.us/test and clicking "join".

Best performance is experienced by installing the free desktop client application. The client can be downloaded and installed from your web browser https://zoom.us/test. If your computer is restricted and does not allow the client installation, you can participate via the Microsoft Edge browser and the latest Zoom web plug-in.

To learn more about using Zoom, visit the Zoom training links on the HPC Training Website (Home > New Users — Getting Started > Webcast Connection Information > Zoom Training).

If you have questions or need more information, contact HPCtraining@hpc.mil.

Training Events

The schedule of planned Training Events, registration, and event information is posted on the HPC Training system. Training events are normally one half to a few days long, require a minimum number of registered attendees, and are planned at least three months in advance. Training events can be designed for delivery on-site, in person in a classroom, or via a web cast/VTC/virtual classroom.

Training events can include formal user training on specific HPC applications (like US3D, LAMMPS, ALE3D, CTH, etc.), instruction on HPC programming techniques and technologies (such as MPI, Python, R, etc.), or instruction/workshops on new and emerging computational technologies (like deep learning, visualization/analytics, GPU accelerators, etc.).

To Request New Training: Formal or specialized training events can be requested and scheduled for advanced HPC topics and special subjects of interest to a group of HPC users. To request a training event, email HPCtraining@hpc.mil. The PET training coordinator will contact you to discuss your needs, determine the best structure for the event, and build a Training Event Proposal for your event. Reasonable costs for training events may be covered by the HPCMP depending on priority of the need, the value of the event, and the number of attendees expected.

Date Title
There are currently no scheduled training events at this time.