PET Mission Projects (MPs)

Mission Projects are designed to assist with solving complex issues in DoD mission-critical areas. MPs are part-time efforts, lasting anywhere from 1 to 12 months in duration. PET computational experts will advise and assist Government Sponsors in developing, applying, and/or using algorithms, tools and methods, workflows, and applications to facilitate maximizing impact of HPCMP resources to meet DoD requirements.

The following outlines a range of potential MP activities:

  • Expert advice and assistance with existing software or related computational science technology
  • Short-term cooperative software research and development of computational science applications
  • Expert advice and assistance in configuring and installing computational software applications, tools, and related data for HPCMP customers in conjunction with DSRC systems team
  • Support to the HPCMP in software applications planning
  • Conducting studies to perform software engineering design and analysis as directed

Help in specific Technical Thrust Areas (TTAs) provide a wide range of expertise including, but not limited to new delivery methods, emerging hardware exploration, Machine Learning (ML), High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), debugging software, performance improvement with user codes, scalability issues, and porting of software to emerging hardware.

Scope and characteristics of PET:

  • An HPCMP community shared resource and is not intended to provide permanent staff augmentation
  • Focused on tools and methodologies development and optimization and is not intended to execute production or large-scale computations

MPs are evaluated by the HPCMP Mission Project Board and are designed to be flexible enough to provide a structure for creating a team and roadmap to develop novel computational capabilities to address high priority DoD requirements across a broad spectrum of applications.

If you would like to discuss or initiate a potential MP, email A member of the PET Team, likely the Outreach Coordinator, will respond and arrange a time to discuss specifics of your project, including technical requirements, DoD impact, timelines, etc.

All MP submissions are made via ServiceNow. At the conclusion of the meeting with a member of the PET Team, the MP template and a step-by-step guide for submission will be provided.