Impact Statements


Success Story - Air Force

Attribution: Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) and QuantiTech Inc.

Air Force initial modeling and simulation of airflow dynamics using HPCMP CREATE-AV Kestrel


Sierra Technical Services (STS) selected to design, build, ground, and flight test a demonstrator/prototype aircraft – ~30 months to first flight, government-owned design.


The project objectives are to demo low flyaway cost -> "Break the cost curve", demo low-RCS, demo basic flight performance, and rapid prototype and flight test. HPCMP CREATE™'s Kestrel applications:

  • Termination maneuver selection (airworthiness)
  • High Mach directional stability / rudder effectiveness
  • Engine bay cooling analysis
  • Takeoff/landing dynamics: control effectiveness in-ground effect, speed brake effectiveness


The HPCMP developed digital model of the 5GAT aero vehicle to include integrated J85-5 engine; optimal maneuver/control settings for complex flight phases; and risk reduction in support of first flight which:

  • defined the optimal termination maneuver,
  • defined the effect of actuator covers on aero/ S&C, and
  • defined ground effect on controllability.

Distribution A: Approved for Public release; distribution is unlimited.