Impact Statements


Success Story - Army

Attribution: Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC)

HPCMP digital modeling and aerodynamic analysis of Army parachute logistics loads


The US Army required a method of modeling the complex geometry of parachuting large combat logistics loads into various environments and climatic conditions in order to improve parachute design and operational utilization under combat conditions. A virtual prototype model coupled with the power of supercomputing resources was required to accurately analyze the physics-based performance of various parachute designs, thereby saving costs, reducing risk to combat loads, and saving production time.


HPCMP DSRC resources and CREATE-AV Kestrel and CREATE-FT Capstone software enables high- fidelity modeling for precision aerial insertion of personnel and cargo by parachute. Capability supports cost-effective, time-saving analyses, thereby reducing risk to parachute loads.




Virtual prototype model and resources of HPCMP DSRCs provides Army organizations supporting the Soldier Lethality Cross-functional Team (CFT) with effective analysis of performance of parachute design under environmental and combat conditions in a cost-effective manner reducing risk to combat loads.

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