CREATE Genesis

Generic Wing surface resistance in Genesis-CFD

CREATE Genesis

Genesis is a suite of software products developed by the US DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) through CREATE. Genesis targets education, research, and evaluation use cases, specifically. Genesis is NOT export-controlled. The Genesis software suite includes: Capstone and CFD.

Capstone is a software platform to create, modify, and query geometry, mesh, and attribution information needed to define a digital model for physics-based simulation of complex engineering systems. Capstone applications include computation of complex flow fields around air vehicles (fixed and rotary wing), ships and submarines; analyses and design of radio-frequency (RF) antennae systems; shock and damage modeling for ships and submarines; structural-acoustics modeling, and terrain modeling.

A-10 surface with weapon stores mesh in Capstone.

Genesis CFD provides basic computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis capabilities. These include single mesh unstructured Navier-Stokes solver (core count constrained), motion (prescribed and 6-DOF), modal model-based aeroelastic structures, and 0-D linear engine model for propulsion boundary conditions. Genesis CFD is available as executable code only.

Sphere in forward movement and wind vortices simulation in Genesis-CFD.

Request Access to Genesis

To request access to the Genesis software, you may submit the Online Genesis Software Request, or you can download and complete the PDF Version, and email it to us at