Open Source Math-Scientific Libraries Listed in BC Policy FY13-01

Date of Capability: 21 Jan 2014
Last Updated: 08 Jun 2020 (see Revision Log)

ARPACK-NG (Solution of Eigenvalues/Eigenvectors - both serial and parallel)
Dakota (Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification)
FFTW (Library for computing Discrete Fourier Transforms)
PETSc (Suite of scientific computing routines)
SuperLU (Direct solution of sparse linear systems of equations)
LAPACK (Software library of numerical linear algebra routines)
ScaLAPACK (Subset of parallelized LAPACK routines)
GSL (C/C++ library with a wide variety of mathematical routines)

All software and libraries listed in this category are included in the HPCMP Computational Science Environment (CSE) package. The CSE Quick Reference Guide lists all packages included in CSE, instructions on how to use the CSE software and libraries, and brief descriptions for each package.

Revision Log
Date Revision
08 Jun 2020 Moved COST to CSE (Computational Science Environment)
19 Dec 2018 Replaced the description of Dakota from "Non-linear Optimization" to "Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification"
06 Sep 2018 BC Team Audit - Added the package “Dakota” to the capability and COST
24 Aug 2015 Added PARPACK (Parallel ARPACK) to the capability
19 Feb 2015 Clarified connection between the capability and COST package