BC Common Commands and Tools

This webpage brings together several common commands and tools that were either initiated or developed by the Baseline Configuration Team. The majority of the listed commands and tools form part of BC policy FY10-06 (Common DSRC Commands and Tools).

Please kindly take a moment of your valued time to familiarize yourself with the commands and tools, and let us know if you have other needs.

Executes like the standard module command, but has numerous improvements and new features.
Checks the status of HPCMP shared applications grouped into two distinct categories: Software License Buffer (SLB) applications and non-SLB applications.
Displays information about jobs in the batch queueing system.
Displays memory-use and load-average information for all login nodes of the system on which it is executed.
Collects information about the user and the user's jobs and sends a message about the reported problem without any need to leave the HPC system.
Prints a full report on a running or completed batch job with an option to include chronological log file entries for the job from the batch queueing system. The command can also list all completed jobs for a given user over a specified number of days in the past.
Returns the standard output (STDOUT) and standard error (STDERR) messages for any submitted batch job from the start of execution until the job run is complete.
Displays various reports about jobs in the batch queuing system.
Displays current batch queuing system information.
Produces two reports on quota and usage information.
Produces two reports on the allocation and usage status of each subproject under which a user may compute.