Baseline Set of Login Shells and User Selection

BC Project: FY05-06
Date of Policy: 12 Oct 2005
Last Updated: 08 Oct 2021 (see Revision Log)

A user may specify any login shell in the login shell baseline as their preferred shell by logging on to the Portal to the Information Environment (pIE) Your preferred shell will become your default shell within 1 day.

Participating centers will honor preferred shell requests that are entered into pIE (portal to the Information Environment) for all systems where the user has accounts.

This policy will be documented at each center's website in the system User's Guides under the User Environment section.

Default Login Shell Baseline Set

  • Bourne shell (sh)
  • C shell (csh)
  • Enhanced C shell (tcsh)
  • GNU Bourne-again shell (bash)
  • Korn shell (ksh)
  • Z shell (zsh)

Revision Log
Date Revision
08 Oct 2021Updated default shell request procedure
12 Apr 2018BC Team Audit - Referral from S/AAA to
15 Mar 2018Updated default shell request procedure
12 May 2016Alphabetized Shells
07 Mar 2014BC Team Audit - Added location of documentation
07 Jun 2013Added zsh to default login shell baseline set
16 Mar 2012BC Team Audit
26 Jun 2007Different shells for different systems at a center not required