Kerberos/SSH Access

BC Project: FY06-02
Date of Policy: 12 Oct 2005
Last Updated: 30 Sep 2021 (see Revision Log)

The following commands will be available in the user's path on all allocated HPCMP systems. With the exception of scp and sftp, the commands in the user's default path will be the HPCMP provided version.

  • kdestroy
  • kinit
  • klist
  • kpasswd
  • kshell
  • kvno
  • pkinit
  • pkpasswd
  • scp
  • sftp
  • ssh

Revision Log
Date Revision
30 Sep 2021BC Team Audit
12 Nov 2019Deleted the link "Current HPCMP Software Minimum Supported Versions” from the policy
05 Nov 2019Removed the command "kswitch" from the policy
28 Aug 2019Updated link to minimum supported versions list
25 Mar 2019Updated commands listed in policy and deleted a "NOTE" on deprecated commands
15 Mar 2018BC Team Audit - Reworded
09 May 2017Reworded; added HPCMP version text
12 May 2016BC Team Audit - Note on KR commands and added URL for "Current HPCMP Software Minimum Supported Versions"
08 May 2014BC Team Audit - Added kshell to list
03 Oct 2013ktelnet deleted form the HPCMP Kerberos/SSH access list
16 Mar 2012BC Team Audit