Baseline Set of Debuggers

BC Project: FY06-05
Date of Policy: 19 Jan 2006
Last Updated: 03 Apr 2023 (see Revision Log)

This policy requires a baseline set of debuggers be available on all user-accessible systems at participating HPCMP centers.

The packages included in the baseline set are:

Arm DDT (formerly Allinea DDT)
The DDT debugger is a commercial HPC debugger. Licenses are available for scalar, multi-threaded, and large-scale parallel applications.
GNU Debugger (GDB)
The GDB debugger is open source offered by the GNU project, covered by the GNU public license.

The GUI interface for DDT must be operational and accessible from the compute nodes of any user-accessible system.

In order to be compliant, a user-accessible system must have this set installed and in the standard login path, or available through modules. If modules are used for the baseline debuggers, the module for one of these debuggers must be loaded by default.

Revision Log
Date Revision
03 Apr 2023Removed TotalView, which is no longer available on HPCMP systems
29 Sep 2021BC Team Audit - Changed Allinea DDT to Arm DDT
02 Aug 2018BC Team Audit - Removed “Standard” from DDT and simplified first sentence for DDT and TotlaView
26 May 2016BC Team Audit - Standard debugger changed to DDT
04 Apr 2014BC Team Audit - Replaced first two paragraphs
23 Mar 2012BC Team Audit - Added DDT
16 Apr 2008Added requirement for TotalView GUI
15 May 2007Etnus replaced by TotalView Technologies