MPI Test Suite

BC Project: FY06-16
Date of Policy: 02 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 27 Sep 2019 (see Revision Log)

This policy defines the actions each center will perform with regard to an MPI Test Suite developed by the PET Computational Environment (CE) team and maintained by the PET Advanced Computational Environment (ACE) team. The policy is limited to the unclassified user-accessible HPC systems.

The test suite is designed to report which optional routines, constants, etc. are supported by a particular MPI implementation. A copy of the test suite and usage documentation are kept on the CentPort portal under the BCT (Baseline Configuration Team) files directory and "MPI Test Suite."

Each center will run this test suite against each default version of an MPI implementation, using a selected compiler, on each unclassified, user-accessible HPC system. The reports generated by the test suite will be posted on the HPC Centers website.

This test suite will be run quarterly and whenever:

  1. a new machine becomes available
  2. a new implementation of MPI is added to a machine
  3. the default version of an existing non-beta MPI implementation is upgraded
  4. the MPI implementation is recompiled


The PET ACE team maintains this test suite and will make revisions to the test suite whenever issues arise or changes are made to the MPI standard that require new or modified tests. Questions/problems/issues involving the MPI Test Suite can be addressed to the PET ACE team by sending email to

Revision Log
Date Revision
27 Sep 2019Changed "PETTT" to "PET" and the email address "" to ""
03 May 2018BC Team Audit
28 Sep 2015PETTT ACE Team email address changed to
27 Feb 2014BC Team Audit - Updated location of test suite and results
23 Sep 2013Removed reference to the HPC Help Desk Web site
02 Apr 2012BC Team Audit