New/Returning User Welcome Letter

BC Project: FY10-01
Date of Policy: 15 Oct 2009
Last Updated: 31 May 2018 (see Revision Log)

New and returning users will be provided with an email letter containing a standard minimum amount of information about their accounts and the services that are being made available to them. The email will also be copied to the user's Service/Agency Approval Authority (S/AAA). The minimum required information includes username, Kerberos principal, subproject ID, default group, login host names for the systems where access is granted, the email address where information will be sent, links to pIE and local documentation, and contact information for help.

Users who are added to multiple subprojects or systems on the same day will be sent one email listing all subprojects and systems to which they have access. Users who are added to a new subproject during the fiscal year will be sent a new email, listing all subprojects and systems to which they have access.

A sample minimum welcome letter is as follows:

Dear Joe User,

Welcome to the AFRL DSRC environment.  Below is important information concerning your access at our center for FY14.  Please save this information for future reference.

Username:		userjb
Kerberos Principal:	userjb@HPCMP.HPC.MIL
Subproject ID:		WPASC12345678
Default group:		12345678

You are granted access to the following systems:
System                      login host
SGI ICE X (Spirit)
SGI UV (Predator) 
Utility Server    

System generated emails will be sent to you at:

For information concerning your account, please follow the URL 
to the Portal to the Information Environment (pIE)

Documentation may be found at the URL then select Documentation in the left sidebar.

    AFRL DSRC Accounts Center is available through the HPC Help Desk
DSN:                785-0679
Toll Free:          1-877-222-2039
Commercial:         1-937-255-0679
FAX:                1-937-656-9538
Emails:    (HPC Help Desk)
           (AFRL DSRC Accounts Center)

Revision Log
Date Revision
31 May 2018BC Team Audit - Minor wording revisions
02 Jun 2016BC Team Audit - Minor wording revisions in opening paragraphs. Updated URL for system documentation in sample letter
13 Mar 2014BC Team Audit - Added more details on users with multiple subprojects or systems
02 Apr 2012BC Team Audit