Interactive Job Submittal Scripts

BC Project: FY11-01
Date of Policy: 26 Sep 2011
Last Updated: 04 Nov 2021 (see Revision Log)

Interactive job submittal scripts generate batch scripts compatible with the installed HPC Job scheduler (e.g. PBSpro, SLURM, LSF) for shared applications by prompting the user for certain job information. The user-provided information is used to write a batch script for the local system and submit it for execution on behalf of the user.

The following chart shows the interactive job submittal scripts required by this policy unless the corresponding application is not installed. See HPCMP Shared Applications for more information.

Shared Application Script Name
ABAQUS submit_abaqus
ACCELRYS submit_discovery
ACFD submit_acfd
ANSYS submit_ansys
CFD++ submit_cfd++
GAMESS submit_gamess
GAUSSIAN submit_gaussian
GASP submit_gasp
LS-DYNA submit_lsdyna
STAR-CCM+ submit_starccm

The centers are encouraged to provide additional interactive job submittal scripts on their systems, especially for the most heavily used shared applications. Users should have access to these scripts through their default path. Individuals who manage the shared application packages at a given center will be responsible for maintaining the scripts once they have been initially deployed.

Some centers have also developed variations of interactive job submission scripts, such as a "generalized" job submission script which allows multiple shared application job scripts to be created and submitted from one job submittal script. This policy does not prohibit centers from deploying such ancillary capabilities as long as users have access to the interactive job submittal scripts as well listed above. Centers that do provide this optional capability should also provide instructions for access and usage in the Sample Code Repository on each system. For more details, see BC policy FY06-15 (Sample Code Repository).

Revision Log
Date Revision
04 Nov 2021BC Team Audit - Corrected some script names
08 Dec 2020Replaced PBS scheduler by a generic HPC job scheduler
20 Sep 2018BC Team Audit
02 Nov 2016Added interactive job submittal script for STAR-CCM+ to policy
26 May 2016BC Team Audit
08 May 2014BC Team Audit - Added link to "Shared Applications"
25 Apr 2012BC Team Audit