Common Compiling Environments

BC Project: FY11-05
Date of Policy: 16 Mar 2012
Last Updated: 09 Dec 2021 (see Revision Log)

Users within the HPCMP are increasingly making use of multiple HPC systems at multiple centers for processing and code development. When using systems of the same architecture at different centers, developers of application codes can more efficiently distribute their workload if those systems maintain the same default compiling environment versions.

This policy addresses the need for commonality with the following requirements:

  1. Like-architecture systems shall have a common default compiling environment and the same default version.
  2. All systems shall automatically load the default compiling environment into the user's login shell environment.

Compiling environment modules created by a center shall follow the naming and location conventions described in BC policy FY11-04 (Common Modules Environment) unless prohibited by requirements of the system vendor.

Due to local operational and contractual commitments, centers may install new compiling environments and new versions of existing compiling environments at any time. However, neither the default environment nor the default version of an environment for a given architecture should change until all systems of that type are ready for the change. The change in environment will be initiated by and coordinated through the HPCMP Enterprise Configuration Management process.

On occasion, emergency operational or security requirements may require centers to make changes to the compiling environment without advance coordination. Once the emergency situation has been mitigated, resynchronization of the default compiling environment(s) will take place using the process described in this policy.

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