Minimum Home Directory Size and Backup Schedule

BC Project: FY12-01
Date of Policy: 20 Aug 2012
Last Updated: 07 Oct 2021 (see Revision Log)

This policy defines the minimum size and backup requirements for user home directories on allocated HPC systems.

A key objective of this policy is to provide users with adequate file space to store their binaries and scripts, excluding large input or output files. Data stored in these home directories will be backed up on a periodic basis. These backups are intended only for catastrophic system recovery.

Outside of a catastrophic system recovery, users are responsible for the backup of all of their data, both in home directories and in other locations, to the archive file system ($ARCHIVE_HOME).

The current home directory requirements are:

Home Directory Size - At a minimum, users will be able to store 100 GBytes in their home directories. In situations where there is pressing need for more home directory space, users may submit a request to the HPC Help Desk for additional disk space.

Home Directory Backup - User Home directories will be backed up at least weekly to a local archive system or other attached storage. At least one (1) backup copy will be kept for a period of one year. These backups are intended only for catastrophic system recovery and are not available to users.

Revision Log
Date Revision
07 Oct 2021BC Team Audit - Modified 10GB to 100GB home directory minimum
10 May 2018BC Team Audit
16 Jun 2016BC Team Audit
05 May 2014BC Team Audit
29 Oct 2013Number of retained backup copies reduced from two (2) to one (1)