Common Queue Names

BC Project: FY05-05
Date of Policy: 12 Oct 2005
Last Updated: 03 May 2018 (see Revision Log)

This project defines a core set of computational batch queues with the same names at each of the participating centers. The queue names were chosen to align with the HPCMP priority classes. Each center is allowed to offer customized batch support for specialized workloads.

The core set of common queue names allows users to more easily move their jobs and scripts among centers. This improves user productivity by requiring less time and effort to support many different scripts and by not having to learn a different queue environment at each center.

The queue names defined by this project and their respective priority classes are:

Compute Queues and Priority Classes
Queue Name Priority Class Notes
urgent Urgent Approved by HPCMP Director only
debug Debug Time/Resource limited for debug purposes
high High Approved by Service/Agency Principal
frontier Frontier Frontier projects approved by HPCMP
standard Standard For approved HPCMP projects
background Background No allocation subtraction

The above list of queues, starting at urgent and ending at background, denotes priorities from the highest to lowest in that order.

The non-compute transfer queue, used for transferring data between the archive server and production machines, is also required to be available at all participating centers. For more information on the transfer queue see policy FY14-02 (Transfer Queue).

For sample script(s), please see BC policy FY06-15 (Sample Code Repository).

A summary of queue information for the participating centers can be found at the HPC Centers website.

Revision Log
Date Revision
03 May 2018BC Team Audit
09 Jun 2016BC Team Audit
04 Mar 2016Deleted queue name "challenge" and added new queue name "frontier"
30 May 2014BC Team Audit - Moved transfer queue into separate policy
23 Sep 2013Removed reference to the HPC Help Desk Web site
16 Mar 2012BC Team Audit
08 Jul 2010Added "transfer" to list of queue names
16 Mar 2009Added link to the HPC Help Desk queue information
19 Feb 2009Added debug notes and changed last line
04 Feb 2009Rearranged queue names by priority; added Notes
15 Dec 2008Changed challenge from job type to priority class