Debug Queue Limits

BC Project: FY10-05
Date of Policy: 02 Aug 2010
Last Updated: 02 Dec 2021 (see Revision Log)

This policy expands the scope of BC policy FY05-05 (Queue Names), by introducing standardized minimum limits for wallclock time, number of cores, and number of running jobs for the Debug Queue.

In order to facilitate an effective debugging environment, the implementation strategy is as follows:

  • At least two percent (2%) of the total computation cores shall be made available to the Debug Queue.
  • A wallclock time limit of at least thirty (30) minutes shall be set for the Debug Queue.
  • The Debug Queue shall allow at least four debug jobs per user to run simultaneously, provided the resources are available.

Centers are encouraged to work with users whose debug requirements exceed these queue limits to determine a method that meets their needs and minimizes the impact on other users' production jobs.

Users are also encouraged to make use of the HPC Interactive Environment (HIE), covered in detail in the HIE User Guide and the ARS (Advance Reservation Service), referenced in BC policy FY09-01 (Advance Reservation), as additional environments for debugging.

Revision Log
Date Revision
02 Dec 2021BC Team Audit
10 Apr 2020HIE is linked to its User Guide
10 May 2018BC Team Audit - Replaced utility servers with HPC Interactive Environment (HIE)
01 May 2014BC Team Audit
25 Apr 2012BC Team Audit