Baseline Editors and Scripting Tools

BC Project: FY06-04
Date of Policy: 23 Mar 2012
Last Updated: 30 Sep 2021 (see Revision Log)

Each participating center will install and maintain the following baseline set of editors and scripting tools. These packages will either be included in a user's default path or available through a module. References for obtaining information and downloading these packages are included below.

Baseline Editors

Baseline Editors
Name URL

Additionally, the vi command will be a symbolic link to Vim.

Baseline Scripting Tools
Name URL
Baseline shells All shells described in BC policy FY05-06 (Login Shells)

Revision Log
Date Revision
30 Sep 2021BC Team Audit - Updated URL for Expect and Tcl/Tk
15 Mar 2018BC Team Audit - Updated URL for Expect
12 May 2016Clarified that vi will be a symbolic link to vim; reordered first table alphabetically
01 May 2015Added editors NEdit and XEmacs
03 Apr 2014BC Team Audit
23 Mar 2012BC Team Audit
05 Jul 2011Removed Python; added Java
31 Jul 2008Added: Editors and scripting tools to be available on all allocated HPC systems and non-storage user-accessible support servers, and installed in the users default path
14 Jun 2007removed Pico editor
05 Jun 2007Changed "Vi" to "Vi and Vim"