Compiler Versions and Bug Fixes

BC Project: FY18-01
Date of Policy: 09 Dec 2019
Last Updated: 16 Dec 2021 (see Revision Log)

This policy provides guidelines on compiler versions and bugfixes installed on all HPCMP allocated HPC systems. The guidelines are grouped into three distinct areas.

Up-to-Date Compiler Versions

Developers of high-performance computing software require up-to-date versions of compilers and prompt installation of bug fixes. Due to limited system administration resources, HPCMP centers are unable to monitor all installed compilers for new versions or bug fix releases. By February 28 of each year, each HPCMP allocated HPC system, with an Intel compiler, will install the last Intel compiler released version from the previous calendar year. If the Intel compiler is not the default compiler on an HPCMP allocated HPC system, then by February 28 of each year, that system will also install the last released version of its default compiler from the previous calendar year. The Baseline Configuration Team will establish a calendar reminder to initiate the compiler approval and install process as early in February as possible each year.

Requests for New Compiler Versions and Bug Fixes

A user who is aware of a potential need for a compiler update is encouraged to request installation before that need becomes urgent. Users are encouraged to send compiler update requests to the HPC Help Desk. Newly requested versions and/or bug fixes are to be installed on all HPCMP allocated systems within 30 days of the user’s request. If the request is denied, the user must be informed of the reason(s) for denial within 30 days of the request. In the event a new compiler version or bug fix is urgently needed to circumvent a work stoppage situation, the user may include with the HPC Help Desk submission a request for expedited installation on one or more HPCMP systems. The expedite request is then passed to the appropriate DoD Shared Resource Centers (DSRC) and handled according to the local policies. The requested installation on the remaining allocated HPCMP systems will proceed within the 30 day timeline. Note the Baseline Configuration (BC) policy FY07-03 (Common Set of Open Source Compilers) addresses a common version of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) across all HPCMP allocated HPC systems. When a user requests an updated version of GCC, BC policy FY07-03 is reviewed to determine if the common version should be changed to coincide with the version requested by the user.

Removal of Older Compiler Versions and Notification Procedures

Regarding the availability of software versions, BC Policy FY05-01 (Multiple-Version Software and Module Usage) mandates a minimum of three third party and open-source software packages on all allocated HPCMP systems. In addition, older versions of compilers are not removed from allocated systems unless limits on available storage space, security concerns, or incompatibility with operating system upgrades requires their removal. If removal is required, the notification procedures in BC Policy FY05-01 are followed unless precluded by the urgent need to maintain system security or integrity. If a case arises where BC policy FY05-01 notification procedures cannot be followed, users are given as much notice as possible.

Revision Log
Date Revision
16 Dec 2021Grammar fixes and minor rewording
07 Oct 2020Added language about annual update of the Intel compiler
29 Jan 2020Added a section on "Removal of Older Compiler Versions and Notification Procedures"
09 Dec 2019Initial version