Open Source Math-Scientific Libraries

This category defines a set of open source math libraries, each having the same version and configuration across all participating centers. The suite of maintained packages consists of:

  • ARPACK-NG: (Solution of Eigenvalues/Eigenvectors - both serial and parallel)
  • Dakota (Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification)
  • FFTW: Library for computing Discrete Fourier Transforms
    • Both MPI and non-MPI versions are maintained
  • PETSc: Suite of scientific computing routines
  • SuperLU: Direct solution of sparse linear systems of equations
  • LAPACK: Software library of numerical linear algebra routines
  • ScaLAPACK: Subset of parallelized LAPACK routines
  • GSL: C/C++ library with a wide variety of mathematical routines

All information on how to access any of the supported libraries is provided in BC Common Capability "Open Source Math-Scientific Libraries."